Why own Tutti Frutti Shop?

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt have 700 stores spread out over 26 countries worldwide and we are now rapidly expanding in Western Australia! Get involved Down Under with the leaders of frozen yogurt and be a part of this global network by taking advantage of available new store opportunities and be a yogurt trendsetter too!



Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

We would like to introduce you to our concept: Tutti Frutti is a fun and interactive self-serve business that provides a healthier snack/light meal option to the health conscious, yogurt loving, Tutti Frutti community.

Tutti Frutti is a fun and interactive self-serve Fro-yo bar where customers have the freedom to create their own sweet treat! By combining our many flavours and expansive selection of toppings, customers will be designing a taste that is unique and delicious in every cup. Be a yogurt trendsetter at Tutti Frutti, ‘cos every cup is deliciously designed by you!

At Tutti Frutti, there is something for everyone. The vast colourful variety of healthy and wicked toppings and flavours will blow you away. There is never a dull day at Tutti Frutti.

Arguably the most compelling advantage that Tutti Frutti has in the frozen dessert market is its versatility and innovation, creating a major advantage for a simple-to-operate business model. With a focus on providing delicious yet diet-friendly treats to the health conscious, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is 98% fat free, gluten free, free from gelatin and other animal products, high in calcium, loaded with probiotics and made fresh daily!

Tutti Frutti History

Tutti Frutti isn’t just a frozen yogurt, we are a culture and we want you to be a part of it, to help grow the experience by designing it yourself!

INTERNATIONAL: Tutti Frutti is a specialty frozen yogurt retailer with now over 700 stores worldwide! Currently with over 80 flavours, Tutti Frutti continues its innovation by constantly creating new and unique flavours setting Tutti Frutti a part from the competition. We have learned from seeing brands fail in local markets and this is due to their inability to adapt, whether it is through design, marketing, taste or simply way of life.

Determined to adapt to local conditions and, therefore, maximize the brand potential in Australia and New Zealand, the international team have spent countless hours and worked with numerous consultants in areas covering store operations, design and marketing, financial modelling, franchising and property sourcing. Tutti Frutti did not happen by chance, it is a brand built on strong fundamentals, that is believed to be  key driver to the success of the business. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!

Marketing and Strategy

We will work with you to develop simple yet effective strategies to target the core customer base and feed you vital information that will allow you to successfully promote the brand.

Tutti Frutti’s core target market ranges from the 15 – 35 age group.  We will work with you to develop simple yet effective strategies to target the core customer base. We will also develop various marketing initiatives that will become WA state wide campaigns, which in turn drive brand awareness.

Examples of local marketing activities include:

  • Retailer newsletter
  • Centre website
  • E-marketing and social media
  • Smart phone app
  • Key events
  • Gift cards
  • In-centre signage and ‘take one’ stands
  • Ongoing promotions
  • Important calendar events promotions
  • Engaging activities promotions

Training and Support

With years of retail store experience, our local team know what it takes to run a successful business. Our training and support will enable you to begin this popular franchise with confidence. We believe that in order to run a successful business, franchisees need to understand the key elements of the business model. In addition to training, the ongoing support for each store is key in ensuring stores are well maintained and the motivation of the team is still as strong as on day one. Franchise support managers are always close by to provide support when needed.

Tutti Frutti head office support also includes:

  • Site selections
  • Lease negotiations
  • Design plans tender
  • Retail design, fit out and project management
  • Store supplies
  • Supplier recommendations/directives
  • Marketing

Tutti Frutti Summerlike Fit Out

It’s always Summer at Tutti Frutti! Our fit out design is flexible to different locations, while still keeping within the overall brand concept.

Each fit out uses yellow ply wall cladding and narrative illustrations that were custom-designed for Tutti Frutti, ensuring the brand is both evolving on trend and instantly recognisable. The bright panelling, emotive graphics and trademark coloured fluoro lights combine to make fun, eye-catching kiosks and stores that are sure to be a great success before anyone even tries the yogurt!

We love yellow and multi colours, making sure our stores are always bustling with happy and summer-loving energies. It’s always Summer at Tutti Frutti and our fit out proves it, frozen yogurt is perfect for any season!

Why Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt?

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt have 700 stores spread out over 26 countries worldwide! You can enjoy our yogurt anywhere in the world! We have a proven track record with a sound business model and product offering that works everywhere on the globe.
 Frozen Yoghurt is taking over traditional dessert

Site selection: Tutti Frutti works with experienced commercial real estate professionals who understand our concept and real estate criteria. We will guide you to secure the right location at the right rent!
 These professionals also assist in lease reviews and negotiations, and this is included in the support you receive.

Targeted Marketing Programs
: We at Tutti Frutti love technology. We believe that the marketing sphere has evolved into the world wide web arena and Tutti Frutti is moving along with it. 
Tutti Frutti marketing programs are catered to target the 15 – 35 years age group… who it so happens love technology! We have conducted a thorough design audit to create a strong brand and bright striking fit out that ensures when you are walking by, you definitely will not miss a Tutti Frutti store!

Simple to run business model
: We do not require a scientific genius to operate the store efficiently. Bring your strong work ethics, good attitude and your pack of smiles to work and you are good to go!